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Country Name Country (2) Code Country (3) Code Published Id
Afghanistan   (Afghanistan) [States] AF AFG 1
Albania   (Albania) [States] AL ALB 2
Algeria   (Algeria) [States] DZ DZA 3
American Samoa   (American Samoa) [States] AS ASM 4
Andorra   (Andorra) [States] AD AND 5
Angola   (Angola) [States] AO AGO 6
Anguilla   (Anguilla) [States] AI AIA 7
Antarctica   (Antarctica) [States] AQ ATA 8
Antigua and Barbuda   (Antigua and Barbuda) [States] AG ATG 9
Argentina   (Argentina) [States] AR ARG 10
Armenia   (Armenia) [States] AM ARM 11
Aruba   (Aruba) [States] AW ABW 12
Australia   (Australia) [States] AU AUS 13
Austria   (Austria) [States] AT AUT 14
Azerbaijan   (Azerbaijan) [States] AZ AZE 15
Bahamas   (Bahamas) [States] BS BHS 16
Bahrain   (Bahrain) [States] BH BHR 17
Bangladesh   (Bangladesh) [States] BD BGD 18
Barbados   (Barbados) [States] BB BRB 19
Belarus   (Belarus) [States] BY BLR 20
Belgium   (Belgium) [States] BE BEL 21
Belize   (Belize) [States] BZ BLZ 22
Benin   (Benin) [States] BJ BEN 23
Bermuda   (Bermuda) [States] BM BMU 24