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vmError: Warning, the Safe Path is empty, for safety reasons it is very important to create a folder in a path not accessible by an URL or unguessable name, create also a folder 'invoices' and 'keys' in it to store your sensitive data secure. Our suggested path is for your system '/home/surfycou/vmfiles/'.
You can also use complex folder name as 'password' for example '/home/surfycou/public_html/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/8CvWHqyR5Z0J/'. Use this link to the config



TCPDF library not installed. Please download at http://dev.virtuemart.net/projects/tcpdf/files

Shop Settings
Shop is offline
Offline Message
Use only as catalogue
Select a currency converter module
Enable Joomla Plugin
Enable SSL for sensitive areas (recommended)
Use ReCaptcha for Registration
Language Settings
Multilingual shop More languages here Translations
Use english as fallback for untranslated strings
Email Settings
Order-mail format
Use the vendor email address
Advanced Settings
Enable debugging messages

PHP Developer mode

Enable database Update tools
Rev. Proxy Header
Enable Multi-vendor

Multi-vendor cart handling

Core Settings
Show the Print View link
Show the pdf view icon
Show the Recommend to a friend link
Allow non logged-in to send a recommendation or ask a question
Use ReCaptcha for recommendations and 'Ask a question'
Allows to Ask a question
Question minimum length
Question maximum length
Enable Coupon Usage
Enable VirtueMart 404 error handling
Order Status to Delete a Gift Coupon
Product Listing
Show the product navigation
Display stock level
Show product customfields in browse views
Show uncategorised parent products in search results and modules
Show uncategorised child products in search results and modules
Show products which are only in unpublished categories.
Latest Products - Number of days to display
Latest Products - Sort order of display
Action when a Product is Out of Stock

Shopper Review/Rating System
Auto-Publish Reviews
Comment Minimum Length
Comment Maximum Length
Show Review

Enable Review System for

Show Rating

Enable Rating System for

Order status Review/Rating
Shopfront Settings
Select the default template for your Shop
Category Template
Show Children Category
Show Manufacturers
Cart layout
Category Layout
Sublayouts for products in category
Default number of categories in a row
Product layout
Default number of products in a row
Default number of manufacturer in a row
Set the pagination sequence for the List Box
Max items listed displaying media
Backend default items per list view
Backend pagination sequence
Frontend default items per list view
For views with 1 item per row
For 2 items per row
For 3 items per row
For 4 items per row
For 5 items per row
Category Feed Settings
Enable Product Feeds
Include Images into the feed
Include the Product Price into the description
Include the Product Description
Type of Product Description
Maximum Description Length
Media Files Settings
General Assets URL
Category Media URL
Product Media URL
Manufacturer Media URL
Vendor Media URL
Safe Path
Thumbnail url for media to sell
Enable Dynamic Thumbnail Resizing
Thumbnail Image Width
Thumbnail Image Height
'no image' image
'no image found' image
Open additional images in the main position
VirtueMart Home Page Settings
Layout for your home page
Show Store Description
Show Categories
Default number of categories in a row
Default number of products in a row
Show featured
Rows for featured products
Show Top ten products
Rows for Top ten
Show recent
Rows for recent
Show latest products
Rows for latest
Home Page Feed Settings
Enable Latest Product Feeds
Number of latest products
Enable Top Ten Product Feeds
Number of topten products
Enable Featured Product Feeds
Number of featured products
Include Images into the feed
Include the Product Price into the description
Include the Product Description
Type of Product Description
Maximum Description Length
Activate Css Styles & Javascripts
Use Fancybox
Using the VirtueMart CSS
Using the VirtueMart jQuery
Using the product Scripts
Using the Script ajax Countries / Regions
Use jQuery chosen for dropdowns in FE
Use ajax for product content
Use external google jQuery library
Price Configuration
Show Tax in Cart
Show call for price, when the price is empty
Use the Rappenrundung for Swiss CHF
Round only display
Display variant prices with tax
Show Following Prices
Show Prices
Show Price Show Label Rounding Digits
Checkout Settings
Display modal popup upon 'Add to cart'
Show related products in the popup
One Page Checkout enabled
Ajax for OPC
Enable Automatic Selected Shipment
Enable Automatic Selected Payment
Must agree to Terms of Service on EVERY ORDER
Show Terms of Service on the cart/checkout
On checkout, ask for registration
Only registered users can checkout
Show product images
Default Order Status to create an invoice
Default Order Status to send email to shopper
Default Order Status to send email to vendor
Allow Administrators to change the current Shopper
Default delivery date
General mail attachment
Orderstatus to use for attachment
Product Sort Order Settings
Default product sort order Default category sort order
Available Sort-by fields
Available Search Fields
SEO Settings
SEO Disabled
Seo Suffix
Translate Strings
Use Product and Category IDs