At Surface Beauty, one of our specialists practitioners will discuss your Botox or Lip Augmentation requirements and develop an individual treatment plan. Prior to commencing with any treatment, we explain in detail what is involved and answer any questions you may have.  




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At Surface Beauty Aesthetics we offer an Initial FREE no-obligation appointment. Surface Beauty Aesthetics operates a personal approach to your medical and beauty requirements. Surface Beauty operates from their clinic premises at Citibase, 1 St Colme Street in Central Edinburgh beside Charlotte Square and clinics are available on a daily basis. A full medical history will be taken and your requirements, expectations and best possible options for treatments will be discussed. This should take no longer than half an hour to ensure the best treatments are chosen for you. Your treatment appointment will take approximately 30 minutes depending on which areas are chosen and what products are used. Any minor corrections in line with original botox treatment plan discussed will be administered free of charge in a follow up appointment after 2 weeks if required.

Regulation of private clinics carrying out healthcare services, including non-surgical cosmetic interventions, began in April 2017. Legislation will be commenced so that Healthcare Improvement Scotland will start regulating private clinics from April, where services are provided by doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and dental care professionals. Currently, there is no regulation for the non-surgical cosmetic industry in the UK. It is a criminal offence to practice without being regulated so ask your practitioner to see their licence.  Surface Beauty are proud to be one of the clinics that has been regulated.